RELEASE: German Microlauncher Report 2022: “Road to the launchpad – a comparative analysis of Germany’s Microlaunchers”


We are happy to share the release of our newest study “Road to the launchpad – a comparative analysis of Germany’s Microlaunchers” – a joint project of Capitol Momentum and European Spaceflight, combining an economic data analytics perspective with technical launch expertise in one thorough analysis.

The 41-page report provides unique insight into the inner financial workings and technical progress of German launch startups HyImpulse Technologies, Isar Aerospace, and Rocket Factory Augsburg. When it comes to public perception, there is a clear favourite among the three main German launch startups. The report, however, may disabuse this narrative with an unbiased examination of the work that has been done and the work that still needs to be done. The report is free to download and promises to be a new benchmark for freely available industry analysis.

Germany's Microlauncher 2022



  • Vehicle specs and launch facilities,
  • Founder and management teams,
  • Previous financial performance incl. burn rates and runways,
  • Fundraising efforts & capital requirement,
  • Funding strategy, shareholders, technical milestones achievements, use of resources,
  • Investor analysis and knowledge transfer,
  • Valuation, dilution, substance & signals,
  • Viability of proposed business models incl. cost, revenue, break even analysis, supply creation, contract & customer analysis,
  • Demand for launch capacity,
  • SWOT analysis

with data-driven insights and meaningful conclusions previously undiscovered by the public.

About European Spaceflight

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