Recent acquisitions in the German NewSpace ecosystem (namely the constellrScanWorld and Precious PayloadHOSTmi deals) gave rise to have a closer look at Merger & Acquisition activities between 2015 and HY 2022.

Here are some of the highlights:

👉In 2015, German geospatial information provider and constellation operator RapidEye (BlackBridge) was eventually acquired by US-based Planet Labs (satellite imagery and insights provider).
👉Former Google Lunar X-Prize participant and German robotic moon lander developer PTScientists declared bankruptcy and was bought and restructured by German Logistics Group ZEITFRACHT in 2019. A few months later in 2020, former management of PTS (now Planetary Transportation Systems) takes on the company in a management buyout.
👉Outdooractive (location-based outdoor tourism platform) and Cloudflight (industrial digital transformation service provider) were responsible for the highest number of startup acquisitions between 2017 and HY1 2022 with 9 deals combined.
👉Other examples include Cloudeo’s (geospatial market platform) 2021 acquisition of TerraLoupe (geo platform using ML technology), constellr’s (space data and services startup) acquisition of ScanWorld (AgTech) and US-based Precious Payload’s (software provider for space engineering teams) integration of HOSTmi (Launch Service provider), both in 2022.
👉Another interesting strategic deal of 2022 marks the acquisition of a majority stake of the German affiliate of US-based technology firm Rivada Networks (Rivada Space Networks) in the Liechtenstein-based shell company Trion Space (owns spectrum rights) in which German NewSpace startup KLEO Connect holds a 15% stake as well.

We believe that the current increase in M&A activity in the market is a notable trend as it shows that the market is maturing. Exactly this type of activity is signaling that NewSpace is a real market and an investment opportunity with exits. To fill the gap of missing growth capital for today’s Early-stage startups, it will be essential for the German NewSpace market that big players such as Airbus Defence and Space and OHB actively participate in the consolidation game. Not only will it help to bring startups to the next level, provide that exit to the early-stage Angel and VC investors, it will also bring innovation to German legacy space corporations.

Read our full analysis on M&A activity in the German NewSpace ecosystem, learn why German legacy space companies could play a vital role in the market or how the German consolidation trend differs from the one in the US.

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Source: Capitol Momentum’s M&A Activities Report German NewSpace Ecosystem.

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