Research & Analysis

  • Research of financial and non-financial data incl. Financial Fundamentals, Revenue, Customers, Investment Deals, Public Funding, Demand Signals
  • Analysis of Market Trends and Development
  • Market Segmentation Analysis
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Competitor and Peer Group Analysis for your startup/company
  • NewSpace Business Valuations


  • German NewSpace Ventures Database Access
  • German NewSpace Investors Database
  • Semi-Annual Business Review of the German NewSpace Ecosystem
  • Annual NewSpace Industry Report Germany


  • We provide profound Analyst Statements on Facts and Figures on the German NewSpace Industry and market opinions for Press, Media and Newspaper Inquiries
  • Consultation of non-space enterprises from industries such as Insurance, Real Estate, Finance and Energy on accessing the German NewSpace market
  • We advise international NewSpace ventures, investors and organizations seeking partnerships, customers, suppliers, M&A targets, portfolio companies in the German NewSpace market

Christian Ziach

Senior Investment Manager


High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH


“In recent years, many new space companies have emerged in Germany. Capitol Momentum has not only mapped this newly emerging industry in their NewSpace Industry Report Germany 2020, but also recorded the industry in great quantitative detail, and holds one or two exciting surprises for even those familiar with the German space industry.”





Matthias Wachter

Head of Department | International Cooperation, Security Policy, Raw Materials and Space

Federation of German Industry (Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie)

“The NewSpace Industry Report 2020 by Capitol Momentum provides a great way to get a broad view of the growing German NewSpace market and its structure by providing insights on the companies that have emerged within the last years, their working fields, the capital they are raising, the customers they could attract, the cross-industrial partnerships they are entering and their investor relations. The industry analyst company is one of our go-to sources for start-up due diligence. The BDI uses Capitol Momentum data as a data enrichment tool for its own analyses and recommendations for action. The report helps to save time in our research and to better understand market developments and market participants. It shows the great potential of the German NewSpace ecosystem and makes visible which importance NewSpace has for the whole German Industry.”




Dr. Thomas Sinn

CEO and Founder

DcubeD (Deployable Cubed GmbH)

“New Space is a global phenomenon with a strong presence of US players. But more and more non-US companies are emerging on this rapidly growing market, many of them in Germany. The “NewSpace Industry Report Germany” from Capitol Momentum provides important insights in the upstream and downstream German New Space ecosystem like never before. The report underlines the outstanding potential that New Space brings to Germany, financial as well as workforce wise.”



Dr. Ingo Baumann

Lawyer | Partner

BHO Legal Law Firm

“Capitol Momentum’s NewSpace Industry Report comes at just the right time. With 125 companies covered, the NewSpace ecosystem in Germany is even larger than previously assumed and the details provide extremely interesting insights into the development of investments, revenues and employee numbers. Now it is up to the politicians to finally give the German NewSpace industry the right regulatory framework with a modern space law and a proactive licensing authority, and to give DLR Space Management and other public funding and contracting agencies the means to effectively support the companies to implement their innovative power in the ever-increasing European and global competition.”




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