As a vital NewSpace market player don’t miss being represented by our NewSpace Industry Coverage.

Our research team is always on the lookout for new and innovative companies operating in the Space Infrastructure, Signal Distribution, Space Data Application and End User markets with highly motivated teams designing, developing and selling disruptive hardware and software products with scalable business models…

Are you a NewSpace company looking forward to increasing your company’s visibility to attract attention from future customers, investors, partners or media?

At Capital Momentum, we currently track more than 130 German NewSpace Companies. If you would like your German NewSpace Company to be included in our industry coverage, sign up by following the link below and fill in your information.

Upon submission, Capitol Momentum will evaluate your application according to the criteria outlined below and either add your business to the Industry Coverage scope for our reports or temporarily add your company to our watch list until it meets our criteria below.

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Criteria for Qualification:

  1. Your company’s business model or business activities involve the creation or provision of NewSpace related products, structures or services;
  2. Your company was founded in Germany or has a headquarter and operations in Germany;
  3. Your company form is either GmbH, UG, AG, Limited or GmbH & Co. KG

What do we consider “NewSpace”? Learn more.

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If your business does not meet the criteria cumulatively, please still apply for being added to our watch list by using the link. That way you ensure that your company is being tracked by us and will be included in the Industry Report scope as soon as the criteria are met.

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Note: Capitol Momentum strives to represent a high industry coverage and is eager to add new companies to the scope. However, we do not claim completeness and numbers published within our research products only represent an estimation on actual industry numbers.