Companies subject to the scope of our research and analysis products were selected by qualifying for the
following criteria:

  1. The company was founded in Germany or has a headquarter and operations in Germany.
  2. NewSpace companies are entrepreneurs and private companies who primarily target commercial customers,
    seek profit from innovative products or services developed in, for or derived from space, have a scalable business
    model, solve a specific problem for customers and/or pursue miniaturization, technology spin-ins, automatization,
    serial production, additive manufacturing, machine learning (AI), big data (…) and can be backed by venture capital
    seeking a return.


For classification and definition of sub-industry clusters along the value chain, our research products follow the space market
segmentation provided by Seraphim’s SpaceTech Market Map 2020 with the exception that the Beyond Earth segment (space exploration, resources, logistics or research) was reassigned to the Upstream sector. The “Other” segments were added to account for the various consulting services closely related to the NewSpace ecosystem.

Our reported data is subject to change over time as data is added to our databases and additional information becomes publicly available.


Despite careful and thorough investigation of facts, figures and data analysis applied, Capitol Momentum does not claim to have complete information, nor do we imply to have access to private or confidential information on any company, project or individual listed or identified. Capitol Momentum does not accept responsibility for any business, investment or partnership decision resulting from this report.