We are happy to announce the release of our latest research report on the German NewSpace Industry. In our ongoing effort to increase market transparency by providing valuable, reliable and up to date insights of the fast-paced and emerging German NewSpace ecosystem, Capitol Momentum has compiled a new interim Business Update Report for the first Half Year of 2021.

For this report, we have analyzed 121 German NewSpace companies, 49% of which operated in Upstream and 41% in Downstream markets. By technology, 47% of them focus mainly on Hardware and 43% on Software. About 40% of our in-scope companies are less than 5 years, while 69% are less than 10 years old.

The report is packed with new data and analysis through the end of Q2 on:

  • German Funding Deals
  • Contract and Public Funding Awards
  • Business Milestones and Commercial Customers of German NewSpace companies
  • New Strategic Alliances
  • Promising NewSpace Startups
  • Commercial Launch Updates
  • Upcoming Space Industry Conferences

Keep pace and stay updated with the German NewSpace Industry!

Get your copy of the German NewSpace Business Update HY1 2021 here.

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For information on our Methodology and applied NewSpace definition, click here.