2023-001 Germany’s Microlauncher Report 2022 – A comparative analysis of Germany’s microlaunchers


This report is joint project of European Spaceflight Inc and Capitol Momentum. Our Special includes a thorough analysis of Germany’s microlaunchers HyImpulse, Isar Aerospace and Rocket Factory Augsburg in terms of:
🚀 Vehicle specs and launch facilities,
🚀 Founder and management teams,
🚀 Previous financial performance incl. burn rates and runways,
🚀 Fundraising efforts & capital requirement,
🚀 Funding strategy, shareholders, technical milestones achievements, use of resources,
🚀 Investor analysis and knowledge transfer,
🚀 Valuation, dilution, substance & signals,
🚀 Viability of proposed business models incl. cost, revenue, break even analysis, supply creation, contract & customer analysis,
🚀 Demand for launch capacity,
🚀 SWOT analysis
with data-driven insights and meaningful conclusions previously undiscovered by the public.

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