The full 2021 German NewSpace Investment Report is now online!

In 2021, the German NewSpace economy benefited from a significant increase in venture funding. 2021 was marked by a blistering pace of investments, with Angels and VC firms breaking records across the board. 44 Germany-based investors closed deals in German NewSpace companies. The most active VC firm closed 4 German NewSpace deals in 2021.

Curious who else led the way and which German NewSpace Ventures closed a new funding round in 2021? Capitol Momentum’s Top Investors and Funding Deal Tables are now available for 2021, spanning the spectrum of activity in the private financial NewSpace markets. While our Investor Table shows Germany’s busiest Space VCs, our NewSpace Venture Tables rank the most funded German NewSpace firms in the venture space, clustered by value chain and submarkets. Want to know how much other startups in your NewSpace domain have raised in 2021? Get our Investment Report here

Key highlights from the report include (teaser):

2021 was another record year for investment in the German NewSpace landscape, with 23 total deals closed (incl. deals with disclosed and undisclosed deal value) across all space technology stacks in unique German NewSpace companies.

With a disclosed deal volume of €399m in 2021, there has now been almost a billion euros (€881m) of equity investment [1] in the German NewSpace economy over the past 3 years. While NewSpace momentum set all-time records for space investments in Germany in 2021, we expect this growth (+229% total counts YoY in 2021) to carry on.

Read about Capitol Momentum’s NewSpace Investor Analysis incl. the most active NewSpace VC firms, a private capital breakdown, the increased international investor appetite and the key German NewSpace markets investors found the most appealing in 2021. Learn about the largest funding deals and valuations in the German NewSpace ecosystem of 2021.

Footnote 1] The total funding deal count observed between 2019 and 2021 amounts to 36 deals in 23 unique NewSpace companies. Of these 36 deals, the invested capital of 15 deals in 12 NewSpace companies remained undisclosed.

Source: Capitol Momentum’s NewSpace Investment Report 2021 Germany.

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