On the Radar: 4 innovate Upstream Businesses in the Space Infrastructure Market

For October 2021, we would like to shift the focus to new business startups in the German NewSpace Upstream infrastructure sector. The majority of German NewSpace businesses operate currently in the Upstream domain, in particular in the Space hardware manufacturing as well as in the launch markets. Although the majority of them focusses on hardware, there are also ventures providing crucial software services. In our latest NewSpace Business Update Report for the first six months of 2021, we have introduced four highly innovative Upstream business solutions adding value with their products and services from satellite manufacturing and servicing, robotics to additive manufacturing and also space habitats to B2B and B2G customers of Space and Non-Space industries.

The VC-backed startup REFLEX Aerospace aims to deliver tailored, high performance small satellite platforms utilizing cutting edge technology and digital engineering to build and service satellites.  Part of the targeted business model is to offer replacement services for satellites already in use to extend the lifetime by making use of decreasing cost of launches and satellite components.

Hyperganic builds software to design objects on advanced industrial 3D printers such as rocket engines to further decrease manufacturing costs. The revenue-generating venture just closed its Series A with an estimated valuation of between €28-43m and attracted customers in the aerospace, consumer goods and medical products industries worldwide.

Kinfinity is a DLR spin-off which develops wearable technology for use in virtual reality, robotics and gaming. Their robots can be teleoperated from any distance in cleanrooms, biological, chemical and nuclear environments, and have also high potential for application in the space industry.

Another interesting startup at the intersection of Space and Architecture is the Cologne-based design and research studio Future Space Architecture which develops and designs structures for transportation, research and habitat stations in low earth orbit, deep space, and planetary environments tailored for balanced human-centric ecosystems of value for agency customers or the defense sector.

All four business models fill innovative space infrastructure niches and have potential to further reduce the barrier to space, serve new established or advance emerging in-orbit markets, aide space exploration or contribute the space tourism economy.

Discover the selection of four innovative NewSpace Upstream businesses and don’t hesitate contacting their engaged and highly motivated teams, should you be interested in further information on their business solutions, seeking an investment opportunity or strategic partnerships.

Stay ahead of the curve with the German NewSpace Industry with our latest NewSpace Business Update Report HY1 2021

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