On the Radar: 4 innovate Downstream Businesses in the Earth Observation Market

2021 and the preceding years revealed a myriad of promising business startups in the German NewSpace ecosystem. On average, there are 4.7 new space startups founded every year. In our latest NewSpace Business Update Report for the first six months of 2021, we have introduced 8 highly innovative businesses operating in the Downstream and the Upstream value chain segments. Despite the tragedy of increasingly frequent climate disasters, new startups were observed with business models leveraging Earth Observation data in order to pursue climate-related opportunities.

Today, we are proud to present 4 extremely innovative Downstream business solutions adding value with insights from satellite data to B2X customers. 

New on the radar in the ClimateTech domain, we want to make an introduction for Carbon SpaceTech, a satellite-powered startup offering a carbon footprint monitoring platform to the agriculture industry to facilitate climate responsible decisions. 

Exovision provides weather data and geospatial intelligence with its data processing algorithms software and microwave sounder hardware for space-based weather data collection to industries most impacted by extreme weather (e.g., transport, energy, construction and damage control). 

The startup deeeper.technology (VC-backed) offers information products based on in-

sights from Earth Observation data and aerial imagery of value for real estate valuation and for businesses operating in agriculture, energy or in water management. 

Another interesting player who provides a software product integrating insights from EO data is Outdooractive. The later stage company already serves an increasing number of B2X outdoor tourism industry customers.

In a time in which customers demand increasingly geospatial data, satellites reliably monitor the condition of infrastructure such as electric power grids, gas pipelines or railway tracks; identify mineral deposits or track deforestation and carbon emissions. Today, these new data sources already help companies to refine their strategies, improve efficiency by significantly lower their operational expenses and track their carbon footprint.

How will your Non-Space business take advantage of the unique opportunities German Downstream companies can offer?

Discover the selection of 4 innovative NewSpace Downstream businesses and don’t hesitate contacting their engaged teams, should you be interested in further information on their business solutions or seeking an investment opportunity or a strategic partnership.

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