In our recent NewSpace industry study 2020, we have analyzed revenue generation and distribution. We have learned that more than 70% of our 92 in-scope companies already generated revenue from operational activities in 2018, which provides them with strong fundamentals.

For 2018, we estimate an industry revenue of approximately €873m which is a rather conservative estimation. Of these €873 in revenue, about €604m were solely generated by the Upstream domain.

To put this €873 revenue figure into perspective, the German NewSpace Industry revenue makes up 30% of the entire German Space Economy’s Revenue and already about 10% of the entire EU Space Revenue in 2018.

Increasing demand for Upstream and Downstream products at year-end 2018 indicate a continued growth path for revenue generation in 2019. Results of our research on the German NewSpace market are published in the NewSpace Industry Report for Germany in cooperation with Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V. and NewSpaceVision.

Source: Capitol Momentum
Image: Released 10/6/2021
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